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Birthdate:Aug 28
Location:United States of America
DISCLAIMER: I do not own World of Warcraft or anything related to it.
This is just a roleplaying journal using my player character from the game, but despite that I have nothing to do with WoW!

Razzree Goldsparx

Media they're from: World of Warcraft
Race: Cyborg Gnome
Job: Exorcist and Medic
Age: 42 which is young for a gnome!
Gender and sexuality: Agender and asexual
Height: Short, but average for a gnome
Weight: A bit heavier than an average gnome (the metal parts add extra weight)
Hair: Very light blonde, short, and messy
Eyes: Dark blue (left eye)/ Mechanical (right eye)
Skin: Light and freckled

During the trogg invasion of Gnomeregan ( Razz lost their left arm and right eye.
When they had gotten those body parts replaced mechanically, Razz found that they were often in horrible pain and found themselves slowly becoming addicted to healing potions.
It wasn't until they gained the help from the priests and priestesses of The Light ( that Razz truly found relief from their misery.
Impressed and curious, Razz decided to becoming a follower of The Light themselves, becoming one of the first gnomes accepted into that church.
Razz hopes to specialize in healing mental anguish, earning their keep to one day own and run a psychological clinic.

Personality and Interests:
Razz is a friendly observer most of their time when it comes to being social.
At least up until their curiosity gets the better of them.
Then they go from quiet to talkative in an instant!
In their spare time they study and play with their pet collection (of which nobody is quite sure how they upkeep so many pets, nor how they summon them out of nowhere), practice alchemy while attempting to manage their own potion addiction (withdrawal is a big issue for them), and read and write romance novels.

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